Your city is just your own. The nameless corner you go to smoke your causal cig, the corny bar where you and the lads play pool on Thursday, the rusty bridge whose handrail you lean against when you «need to think straight». Chances are that city was never captured before in artifacts you can hang on walls.

What it means is that T-shirt, that mug, those ironic fridge magnets are only a surrogate for the actual thing: that is your own city, the way you see it.

We care for you, for your sense of entitlement toward the places you go to: be them your home town, the neighborhood in Essex you spent every summer in your early twenties, the boroughs of NY you feel you discovered yourself.

That’s why we came up with this idea: you can have any (like, really, any) section you can crop out of Google Maps and have it laser cut in wood or colored acrylic.

You just type the address, zoom in or out the way you see fit and let the magic begin. We take care of the rest.

The map can then be showcased on the rugged walls of your cozy kitchen, put in your bathroom, as a reminder of the world out there when you’re taking a bubbly bath, displayed in your courtyard, as a signpost that tells your neighbors where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.


The city is here for you to hold